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It was 1937 and tensions in Europe were rising. With war almost certain, the Swedish government felt that production of a military aircraft would help secure their neutrality.With government assistance, the privately run company Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget (AB) was formed. Setting up a factory near the town of Trollhattan and with American technical support, SAAB began manufacturing aircraft. SAAB is still in the aircraft business today.

Even before the war had ended, SAAB foresaw the coming need for inexpensive, tough and reliable automobiles. Europe would be devastated. Manufacturing and transportation systems would be in ruins. Although consideration was given to an automobile division during the war, it would not be until 1949 that the first twenty five SAAB 92ís rolled off the assembly line. With styling hinting of its aeronautic background, SAAB took the unconventional step of employing a two-stroke as opposed to a traditional four-stroke engine. It was felt that because the two-stroke had fewer parts, it would be easier to build and maintain. A two-stroke engine would also start more readily in the cold Scandinavian winters.

In 1957, SAAB introduced its three cylinder version of the 92 to America. Called the 93, its distinctive look and unique charm appealed to motorists who were looking for something a little different. Gradually up-scaling to the 900 and 9000 of today, SAABís unconventional approach to automobiles has won it legions of fans.

Rich in personality, inspired in performance and with an indisputable safety record, SAAB is one of the most intriguing cars on the road today.

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